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Slovenia - December 2023

Culture Ministry tables media reforms
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The Culture Ministry introduced a draft media bill, which would introduce new state support, regulate the use of AI, and limit media concentration. The draft bill would regulate the use of generative AI in the media by ensuring news outlets label all content created using AI, and inform audiences about their use of generative AI. The bill would further clamp down on deepfakes, which can be used in exceptional circumstances to improve media literacy for educational purposes. Penalties for violations could reach EUR 20,000. In addition, the bill foresees the creation of a National Media Council, an independent body of experts whose role would be to protect the public interest in the media and debate media legislation, to be proposed by the government and appointed by the National Assembly. The bill will be open to public consultation until 31 January 2024.

Sources: Euractiv, Slovenia Times, STA, European News Room, Ministry of Culture

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