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Kuwait - September 2022

Election boycott ended but election candidates arrested

Legislative elections were held in Kuwait on 29 September. For the first time in a decade, they took place with the participation of opposition candidates, who ended a boycott that began over concerns of election integrity. Changes to electoral rules, which had the stated intention of preventing vote buying and manipulation, were introduced ahead of these elections. Opposition candidates now constitute 33 of the 50-member National Assembly. Notable too was the fact that two women MPs were elected - the preceding legislature was all male, although there have previously been women MPs. Voter turnout was approximately 50 per cent, down from 60 per cent in the last legislative elections in 2020. Prior to the election, three candidates were arrested for participating in a peaceful protest over the status of the Bedoon community, a stateless Arab minority in the country.       

Sources: Al Monitor, Al Jazeera, Gulf Centre for Human Rights, Amnesty International, AtalayarAl-AwsatInternational IDEA   

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