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Venezuela - March 2024

Opposition’s aspiring candidate unable to register candidacy

Venezuela’s opposition is facing fragmentation as Corina Yoris, Maria Corina Machado’s preferred choice to run in her place in the upcoming elections, was unable to register as presidential candidate in the National Electoral Council’s portal. Machado, who had won the opposition’s October primaries by a landslide, had rallied opposition parties behind Yoris before her candidacy was rejected in a measure deemed as arbitrary by national and international experts. The governor of Zulia, Manuel Rosales, who has been a part of the Unitary Platform, the opposition’s alliance, was able to register his candidacy, but not without criticism within the opposition, due to the lack of internal agreement. Social Democrat leader Enrique Marquez, and Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia, the Platform’s preferred choice to serve as temporary candidate, were also able to register while negotiations with the government continue. 

Sources: El Pais, Infobae, Voz de America 

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