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Türkiye - July 2023

Residents protest logging of Akbelen forest

Locals are protesting the clearing of 740,000 square meters of forest in Akbelen for a coal mine owned by YK Energy, a company with ties to the ruling Justice and Development (AKP) party. The protests are led mostly by women, who have defended the forest from logging for years, arguing for its importance in sustaining their community. Security forces have responded violently with tear gas and water cannons, making at least 40 arrests. Journalists and local politicians trying to enter the forest have been fined or arrested. Two delegations of MPs, one from the leading opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the other from the Green Left Party (YSP) were barred from visiting the site. Over 300 civil society organizations have expressed their support for the protests, and human rights groups have labelled the logging as an infringement of the right to live in a “safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment.” Nonetheless, after a week, the area was cleared. 

Sources: Euronews, Global Voices, Duvar, AP News, Balkan Insight 

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Civil Liberties
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Freedom of The Press
Political Equality
Gender Equality
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Absence of Corruption
Personal Integrity and Security

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