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Sudan - April 2023

Intense fighting breaks out between junta factions
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On 15 April, intense fighting broke out between two factions within Sudan’s ruling junta – the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), a paramilitary organisation. Despite several partially observed ceasefire agreements, the violence was reported on 14 May to have killed at least 676 people, including civilians. The number of casualties has continued to grow. The conflict has severely restricted civilians’ access to basic goods and services, caused widespread displacement and led to a surge in sexual violence and looting. It erupted shortly after key deadlines were missed in the roadmap for Sudan’s transition to democracy, which commentators say is likely to be further imperilled by the fighting. Under a recently signed framework agreement, the parties had been due to establish the civilian state institutions that would govern the country during a two-year transition period, but the deadline lapsed after SAF and RSF disagreements over security sector reform prevented the signing of a final transition agreement.

Note: This report was originally published on 21 April as a Breaking Update and was updated on 17 May for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Sources: British Broadcasting Corporation (1), United Nations (1)United Nations (2), British Broadcasting Corporation (2)The Conversation, Africa Confidential, Africa News   

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