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South Sudan - August 2022

South Sudan’s transitional government extended by two years

South Sudan’s unelected transitional government has agreed to extend the transitional period of the peace agreement by an additional 24 months. This means that the elections, which were due to be held upon the expiration of the original agreement in February 2023, will instead be held in December 2024. President Salva Kiir Mayardit justified the extension on the grounds that much of the original agreement remained unimplemented, and that the armed forces need to be unified and a new constitution created before elections can be held. The United States, United Kingdom and Norway, who helped mediate South Sudan’s peace process, criticized the talks that led to the extension agreement for a lack of stakeholder consultation and stated that the “roadmap must demonstrate how another extension would differ from [the two] previous ones.”

Sources: British Broadcasting CorporationThe East African (1), The East African (2)Sudan Tribune

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