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Russian Federation - October 2022

Martial law introduced in occupied territory

On 19 October President Vladimir Putin declared martial law in the Ukrainian territory Russia claims to have annexed in September. The law not only suspends basic rights and due process in those regions, but also applies various moderately less stringent measures across the rest of Russia. The restrictions introduced go far beyond what is permitted by relevant Russian laws and statutes. 

Sources:, Meduza 

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Civil liberties

Duma strengthens gay propaganda law

The State Duma approved amendments to Russia’s gay propaganda law on 27 October in the first of three readings required by law. The amendments expand the already restrictive legislation to include a ban on providing information on “childfree families” or homosexuality in any context. 

Sources: openDemocracy, RFE/RL 

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Social rights and equality

Prisoners pressured into enlisting

Multiple Russian media outlets have reported on efforts by the paramilitary Wagner Group and Ministry of Defense to meet recruitment quotas by pressuring convicts to enlist in the military in return for uncertain clemencies for those that survive the war. Experts have noted the schemes have no basis in Russian law.  

Sources: Novaya Gazeta, iStories, 

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Civil liberties