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Pakistan - May 2023

Political crisis escalates amid violent protests

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has been granted bail following his arrest on 9 May over cases relating to corruption charges. Khan's arrest set off nationwide protests against the country's military establishment, which included attacks on government buildings and military installations. The government deployed troops and arrested thousands of Khan supporters including members of the opposition for inciting violence, as well as blocked internet services in a bid to quell the unrest. Pakistani authorities further noted that those arrested will be tried before military courts - a move widely condemned by human rights groups. UN experts have urged the government to exercise restraint in upholding the right to a fair trial.

Sources: Dawn, Human Rights Watch (1), Amnesty International, Brookings Institution, The Diplomat, Human Rights Watch (2), United Nations

Primary categories and factors
Rights -1 Rights  (-1)
Civil Liberties
Freedom of Association and Assembly
Freedom of Expression
Rule of Law -1 Rule of Law  (-1)
Predictable Enforcement