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Parliament disciplinary committee launches conflict of interest probe into government

Opposition parties reached a quorum within Parliament’s disciplinary committee to initiate an investigation into the Norwegian government’s handling of a series of conflict of interest cases. Culture Minister Anette Trettebergstuen resigned, while Tonje Brenna remains in her post as Education Minister, after it became public at the end of June that they had both separately appointed friends to board positions for the state opera and for a Norwegian foundation, respectively. In July, Minister for Higher Education and Research Ola Borten Moe resigned over allegations he breached ethics rules by purchasing shares in defense company Kongsberg Gruppen immediately prior to participating in a meeting to discuss awarding the company’s subsidiary a lucrative government contract. Norway’s economic crime department, Økokrim, is mulling whether to open a full investigation into Moe’s purchase of shares while minister. The committee’s findings will be put to a vote in Parliament and can lead to a motion of no-confidence in the most severe case.

Sources: The Local, DN, NRK, E24 

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