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Supreme Court orders government to recognize same-sex marriage

The Supreme Court on 2 May instructed the government to legally recognize the same-sex foreign spouse of a Nepali citizen, along with broader recognition of same-sex relationships. The case was brought by a gay couple, a Nepali and German citizen who were legally married in Germany but denied in their request for recognition in Nepal. The court ruled that failing to do so is a violation of the constitution and recommended that the government re-examine a 2015 court-ordered report that includes suggested legal changes in ensuring marriage equality. The landmark ruling builds on previous judgments recognizing the rights of LGBTQIA+ individuals, marking a significant step toward ensuring LGBTQIA+ equality.

Sources: The Diplomat, Human Rights Watch, The Supreme Court of Nepal

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Bhutanese refugee scam implicates ex-ministers

An ongoing investigation into a Bhutanese refugee scam in Nepal has caused controversy after finding several high-ranking government figures involved in fraudulently certifying Nepali citizens as Bhutanese refugees in a bid to resettle them in the United States. As of 22 May, 30 people have been charged with various offences including organized crime, treason, and fraud. More broadly, the refugee scam has raised concerns about corruption within the country’s political and bureaucratic systems. Experts now note that the handling of the investigation presents an opportunity for Nepal to demonstrate its commitment to addressing corruption and improving governance to restore trust in the country’s institutions.

Sources: The Kathmandu Post, Al Jazeera, The Diplomat

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