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Nepal - August 2023

New National Cybersecurity Policy raises digital rights concerns
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Nepal's cabinet approved a new National Cyber Security Policy on 8 August, aimed at establishing a secure online environment for users. While welcomed by some advocates for being the first data protection policy of its kind in Nepal, digital rights experts have voiced concerns regarding specific aspects of the policy that pose a threat to internet freedom and information access. The most concerning provision is "Strategy 11.25," which suggests the creation of a government-controlled intranet and national internet gateway, likened by some critics to practices seen in China and Cambodia. Rights experts caution that such gateways could enable censorship and surveillance, potentially compromising data privacy. Additionally, civil society organizations have criticized the limited public consultation that preceded the policy's introduction. It remains to be seen how the new policy will be translated into law.

Sources:  The Kathmandu Post (1), The Kathmandu Post (2), Tech policy Press

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