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Mexico - December 2022

Congress rejects president's constitutional electoral reform, but approves a “Plan B”

On 6 December, Mexico’s lower chamber of congress voted to reject President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s controversial constitutional electoral reform bill, which had been criticised for weakening the independence and capacity of the country's National Electoral Institute (INE). The President’s alternative so-called “Plan B” electoral reform, which seeks to amend six secondary electoral laws, was approved on 14 December. Opponents denounce it as an unconstitutional attempt by the president’s Morena party to consolidate power and claim it will weaken the country’s electoral infrastructure.

Following the reform’s approval in the Senate and the lower house, INE issued a statement pointing out that the reform will jeopardise the establishment of polling stations, vote counting, timely monitoring of radio and television stations, and oversight of political party activities and election campaigns. The reform will be reviewed again by the Senate in February to discuss a last-minute change approved in the lower chamber.  It is expected that Plan B will ultimately be challenged in the Supreme Court, as many of its provisions have been criticised as unconstitutional.

Sources: Court House News, CNN, La Jornada, Mexico News Daily

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