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Mali indefinitely suspends political parties and associations

On 10 April, Mali’s transitional government announced that it was suspending the activities of all political parties and associations in the country ‘until further notice.’ The following day all media were directed by the state’s media regulator to halt their coverage of these organisations. The suspensions were justified with reference to an ongoing national peace dialogue, which the government spokesperson said needed to ‘take place in a climate of serenity not cacophony.’ Commentators have suggested that the suspensions were a response to a demand made on 31 March by more than 80 political parties and associations for a presidential election and a return to constitutional order ‘as soon as possible.’ A presidential election had been due to take place in February 2024 but was not held, meaning that the deadline for Mali’s transition to democratic rule (26 March) was not met.              

Sources: Jeune Afrique (1), Jeune Afrique (2), Voice of America, Human Rights Watch, Radio France Internationale  

Primary categories and factors
Representation -2 Representation  (-2)
Free Political Parties
Rights -1 Rights  (-1)
Civil Liberties
Freedom of Association and Assembly
Freedom of Expression
Freedom of The Press
Participation -2 Participation  (-2)
Civil Society

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