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Libya - October 2023

Unresolved Disputes Threaten Libya Election Progress
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In early October, progress was made on the electoral process as the Eastern-based House of Representatives (HoR) approved modified versions of the laws governing presidential and parliamentary elections, passing them on to the High Electoral Commission for implementation. However, Mohamed Tekala, the new leader of the Tripoli-based High State Council (HSC), rejected these laws and ceased cooperation with HoR. Some HSC members argued this decision only mirrored Tekala's faction's stance, not the council's collective view. On 16 October, the UN Special Representative for Libya acknowledged some progress in the electoral process but stressed unresolved political issues. He highlighted the compulsory second presidential election round and the interconnection of presidential and parliamentary polls as potential sources of disruption. The representative also pointed out the lack of negotiations between rival factions to form a pre-election government, urging dialogue to prevent a unilateral government appointment by any party.

Sources: Al Jazeera, The National News, Relief Web, Middle East Monitor, Reuters, Libya Review

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