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Jordan - December 2022

Violent clashes across Jordan amid protests over rising fuel prices

The rising fuel prices that have added to the cost-of-living challenges in Jordan sparked anti-government demonstrations across the kingdom. Road closures initiated by truck drivers demanding a reduction in the price of diesel fuel escalated into country-wide riots that lasted for several weeks. Deadly clashes erupted in multiple cities between protestors and police, with the killing of four policemen, in some of the worst unrest Jordan has witnessed in many years. Many Jordanians took to social media to share videos from the strike and attacks by the police on civilians. Amid heightened tensions, the government disrupted internet services and banned TikTok.  Jordan’s Public Security Directorate announced a “temporary suspension” of the social media platform under the pretext of inciting violence and disorder. 

Sources: Al Bawaba NewsAnadolu AgencyReuters, Middle East Monitor, Jordan News, Jordanian Public Security Directorate

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