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Italy - November 2023

Government approves new security package
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The Italian Council of Ministers approved a security package containing a raft of public order and national security measures. The bill includes greater protection for law enforcement, and increases penalties for violence or threats against police. The package also grants law enforcement officers with authorization to carry service weapons to own firearms privately without any additional license. In addition, the measures would criminalize “possession of material for the purpose of terrorism”, punishable by up to six years in prison, and the distribution of instructions for making explosives to attack public safety, which carries a maximum sentence of four years. Finally, the bill makes road blocking an administrative offence, a disruption tactic commonly used by environmental activists. The bill will be sent to Parliament for a vote as a next step.

Sources: Italian Government (1), Italian Government (2), Il Post, ANSA (1), ANSA (2), Diritto

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