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Government announces state of emergency over migrants’ arrival

The government declared a state of emergency to deal with the increase of migrant arrivals across the Mediterranean. The decision was taken following the suggestion of the Ministry for Civil Protection and Sea Policies and will last for six months. According to the government, the measure aims to allow the authorities to respond to the crisis and repatriate migrants faster by bypassing Parliament in enacting laws, while giving the executive branch special powers. The data coming from the Interior Ministry show that 31,000 migrants arrived since the start of 2023, as compared to around 8,000 in the same period two years ago. However, according to civil society, actual numbers are higher.  In 2016, more than 181,436 migrants reached Italy, but a state of emergency was not declared.

Sources: Il Domani, Reuters, Deutsche Welle, La Stampa, Euractiv, International Organisation for Migration

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