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Israel - October 2023

Hamas’ unprecedented attack sparks war with Israel

Following a Hamas offensive from the Gaza Strip on 7 October, which intentionally targeted civilians and resulted in over 1,200 deaths, about 5,400 injuries, and the abduction of 242 hostages. Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant imposed a full siege on the Gaza Strip. As a result, the territory has been cut off from essential resources such as electricity, food, medicine, and water, raising fears of potential disease outbreaks and starvation among civilians. On 11 October, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared a state of war, forming an emergency government with the opposition. Throughout the month, Israel responded with intensive air strikes, launching approximately 6,000 in the first six days and thousands more subsequently. According to the Hamas-controlled Gaza health ministry, this had resulted in over 9,000 Palestinian deaths, including more than 3,900 children, as of 4 November.  The conflict has also led to significant displacement, with Israel ordering the evacuation of the northern and central Gaza Strip on October 13, impacting around 1.4 million people. 

Sources: Associated Press (1), Haaretz, The New York TimesUnited Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, The Guardian, Al Monitor, Associated Press (2), Voice of America News, Relief Web, Al Jazeera

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