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Guinea - October 2022

Junta responds to ECOWAS pressure, revising the timeframe for transition

Following the September 2021 coup d’état in Guinea, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has taken several measures to encourage a swift transition to civilian rule. The junta, led by Col Mamadi Doumbouya, had decided on a 36-month transitional period. ECOWAS determined this to be too long, and in September 2022 announced a system of progressive sanctions. Following further negotiations with ECOWAS (and further protests on the streets in Conakry), the junta agreed in October to complete the transition in 24 months. However, the junta has proposed that this 24-month period will begin in January 2023.

Sources: France24 (1), France24 (2), Reuters, Africa News

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