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Protests against junta met with violence

During protests against the ruling military junta and the slow pace of transition to civilian rule in Guinea on 10 and 11 May, violent confrontations broke out between demonstrators and security forces. Protestors threw stones, erected barricades, and set fires in the street. The police response included shooting at the demonstrators. Local CSOs report that seven people were killed and another 32 were wounded by gunfire. They claim that a further 56 people were arrested. A police spokesperson has said that the number of deaths reported by CSOs was incorrect.

Sources: Reuters (1), Reuters (2), Africa News, Guinee Matin, Al Jazeera

Primary categories and factors
Rights -1 Rights  (-1)
Civil Liberties
Freedom of Association and Assembly
Rule of Law -1 Rule of Law  (-1)
Personal Integrity and Security

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