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Ghana - January 2023

State institutions to apologize to journalist who was wrongly arrested

In June 2019, shortly after publishing articles critical of the National Security Minister, Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri (editor of the online media agency Modern Ghana) and Emmanuel Britwum (a reporter for the publication) were arrested in a manner tantamount to abduction by agents of Ghana’s National Security agency. Their electronic devices were seized, and Ajarfor claims to have been tortured during interrogations. Charges of cybercrime against the men were dismissed by the Accra High Court soon after and the journalists were released. Ajarfor then launched legal proceedings in the Human Rights Division of the High Court against the state agencies involved. On 13 January 2023, the court ordered the heads of three state agencies to apologize to Ajarfor for the violations of his rights, and to compensate him for the damage done to him.

Sources: IFEX, Pulse Ghana

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