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Finland - September 2023

Government outlines anti-discrimination plan
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The Finnish government released a statement on promoting equality and non-discrimination in response to the multiple racism scandals that have rocked the government since its formation. In it, the government pledges to implement measures such as banning holocaust denial and prohibiting the use of Nazi and communist symbols. It was drafted by a newly convened working group for combatting racism in consultation with civil society and academics. The communique has been met with substantial criticism. Amnesty International has described the plans outlined as inadequate, the opposition Social Democrats called it “too little, too late” and on 3 September, 10,000 attended an anti-racism and anti-government protest in Helsinki. The racism scandal sparked a no-confidence vote on 8 September, which the government and its ministers survived.

Sources: Finnish Government, Amnesty International, Yleisradio Oy, Reuters, Politico, International IDEA

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