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Finland - June 2023

Finland forms right-wing coalition government led by National Coalition Party

Following the April parliamentary elections, a coalition deal was reached between the conservative National Coalition Party (NCP), the Eurosceptic Finns Party, the minority-language Swedish People’s Party, and the Christian Democrats. The coalition negotiations lasted 74 days and were the second-longest in the country’s history. The new right-wing coalition holds 108 out of the 200 seats in the Finnish parliament. Petteri Orpo, the NCP leader, has been voted in as the country’s new prime minister. Key policy priorities for the new government are expected to be fiscally conservative changes, such as reduced government deficit and taxes, private sector job creation, and tighter policies on immigration. Out of the 18 ministries, 12 will be led by women, including the ministries of foreign affairs, finance, interior, and justice.

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