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China - February 2024

New proposed national security laws raises concerns
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Hong Kong’s government is preparing to introduce a new national security bill (Article 3). Critics note that the bill imposes more severe punishments for a broader range of crimes, including potential life imprisonment for treason, extending the scope of the 2020 National Security Law and intensifying the crackdown on civil society, independent media, and the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. The legislation also aims to enhance oversight of foreign political entities and organizations in Hong Kong, prohibiting “external interference.” Human rights experts have widely criticized the bill for its broad and vague provisions, which they argue could significantly restrict civil liberties. The Hong Kong government contends that the law will only affect “a small minority of disloyal residents,” citing one month-long public consultations that allegedly showed popular support for the legislation – a claim disputed by rights experts.

Sources: Human Rights Watch, The Associated Press, South China Morning Post, Reuters

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