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Chile - December 2023

Chileans reject draft constitution in second referendum
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On 17 December, in the country's second constitutional referendum, a majority of Chileans voted against the proposed new constitution. 55 per cent of voters rejected a draft that had been prepared by a Constitutional Council in which right-wing and far-right members were the majority. According to critics of the draft, pressing issues, such as women’s rights and the secular character of the country, were at stake. Voter turnout was 84.5 per cent; voting was mandatory. The rejection of this second draft ends a constitutional process that started four years ago.

After the results were revealed and amid “constitutional fatigue”, President Boric announced the “closure” of the constitutional process and the need to focus on other pressing issues. 70.1 per cent of women between 18 and 34 years of age voted “against”, in comparison to 62.7 per cent of men of the same age. Such data also shows that most of those aged between 18 and 34 years voted decidedly “against”.

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