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Barbados - December 2022

High Court rules the criminalization of same-sex relations unconstitutional

The Barbados High Court issued a ruling on 12 December eradicating legislative prohibitions of consensual same-sex relations. Barbados is the third Caribbean nation to overthrow such colonial-era conservative laws and legalize homosexuality in 2022. The abolished Sexual Offences Act of 1992 penalized with a life sentence those found guilty of engaging in same sex behaviour. While seldom invoked, the law’s wide definitions and ambiguous language gave place for prejudice and hate towards LGBTQIA+ people. It has been hailed as a landmark decision and significant step towards protecting the human rights of LGBTQIA+ people in Barbados and ensuring stigma-free access to services and positive inclusion in society.

Sources: Human Rights Watch, AP News, UNAIDS

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