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The Global Database of Gender Quotas in parliaments worldwide.

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iKNOW Politics

A joint project with the goal to increase the participation and effectiveness of women in political life.

Democratic processes and institutions remain partial and flawed if the causes and effects of inequalities, exclusion or marginalisation of different segments of the populations are not addressed. Inclusive and accountable democratic institutions and processes are possible when gender equality and the inclusion of women, youth, Indigenous Peoples, people living with disabilities and other marginalized segments is attained, both as actors and beneficiaries of democratic development.

International IDEA is committed to tackling gender inequalities, marginalization and exclusion challenges that hinder gender equality and inclusion as prerequisites for protecting and rebuilding democracy and the fulfillment of the leave no one behind agenda. Through an intersectional eco-system approach on Access=Participation&Representation=Transformative (APRT) the work prioritises:

  • Producing global comparative knowledge resources/tools on tackling gender inequalities, marginalization and exclusion- Innovative resources to tackle the threats to gender equality, inclusion and democracy; 
  • Providing substantive technical advisory support to state and non-state stakeholders/partners at national, regional and global levels to strengthen legal and normative frameworks (both informal and formal) - Gender equality and inclusion as prerequisites for protecting and rebuilding democracy
  • Convening global, regional and national forums/platforms, networks to inspire the global agenda on institutionalizing gender equality and inclusion in democracy building across the world- Making democracy deliver

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Principal Adviser, Democracy and Inclusion

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