Citizen Voices in Peru

Citizen Voices

In Peru, citizens perceive that their elected authorities are disconnected from citizen interest. This representation gap is exacerbated by major corruption scandals and political crises that occur constantly at all levels of government.

This project sought to take advantage of a moment of citizen activation after the mobilizations of November 2020 to encourage participation through citizen deliberations, articulate with civil society organizations, representatives of traditionally excluded populations (women, youth, indigenous or native peoples, Afro-Peruvian people and people with disabilities) and create citizen agendas in five cities of the country. It has also sought to influence the national educational curriculum through the development of pilot educational materials on civic education for teachers and secondary school students.

The project has an important component of communication and information, establishing alliances with various media. Thus, during the 2022 electoral period, our focus was focused on the development of applications that would provide citizens with more tools to access information about the candidacies.

Lastly, he has worked on the creation and dissemination of stage content to raise awareness and disseminate the problems of traditionally excluded populations.

Key contacts

Pilar Tello Rozas
Programme Officer
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