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International IDEA is committed to strengthening effective democratic institutions including political parties and parliaments, as well as promoting innovative approaches to citizens' engagement. 

The responsiveness of party systems, governments and parliaments to the public has been questioned worldwide. Some groups in the society are regarded as possessing more influence over representative institutions by virtue of their social or economic position, while others, such as women, youth and marginalized groups, are persistently underrepresented.

 Safeguarding integrity of political processes has become crucial to ensure inclusive growth and restore public trust in democracy. At the same time, citizens question the ability of political parties and parliaments to handle challenges and crises, and increasingly seek alternative and innovative paths for political action. 

Through knowledge generation, assisting representative institutions and other political actors, and influencing global policy debates on the new forms of political participation, the programme aims to help harness the power of innovation to drive a renewed sense of connectedness between institutions and those they serve. The objective is to ensure that processes of political participation and representation are inclusive, equitable, responsive, and are held accountable for delivering for the public interests. 

The programme features the following three thematic pillars: 1) Money in Politics , 2) Parliamentary Strengthening, and 3) Citizen Engagement.

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