Yukihiko Hamada

Senior Programme Officer
Money in Politics, Political Finance, Anti-Corruption


Yukihiko Hamada is a Senior Programme Officer in the Political Participation and Representation Programme.

Hamada’s research and work focuses on money in politics, anti-corruption and political finance. He provides technical support and policy guidance to advance the political finance reforms in a number of countries. His areas of expertise include legal analysis of political finance systems, gender and political finance, and digital reporting and disclosure. Most recently, he led the development of International IDEA’s Political Finance Database in 2018 as well as authored a number of policy papers and news articles including The Integrity of Political Finance Systems in Asia (International IDEA 2019) and The Integrity of Political Finance Systems in Africa (International IDEA 2019). 

Prior to joining International IDEA, Hamada was a policy analyst at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris where he led various projects on political finance, lobbying, conflict of interest and other public sector integrity issues. He also has a wide range of public sector experience both in Japan and the UK, working at the Embassy of Japan in London and the British Embassy in Tokyo.

PhD in Political Science and MSc in Public Policy, University College London, UK.
Contact Information: 
Stockholm, Sweden