Enhancing the integrity of political finance systems is one of the main ways to address political corruption.

In Asia, the comprehensiveness of political finance systems and the level of implementation vary significantly across countries. This policy paper draws on the 2018 data of the International IDEA Political Finance Database and covers South Asia, South East Asia and East Asia.

It investigates three key questions:

  • What are the main corruption risks associated with the funding of political parties and election campaigns in Asian countries?
  • What types of political finance regimes do those countries have?
  • How could existing political finance regimes be improved to tackle political corruption?

Similar analysis is also available for AfricaCentral and Eastern Europe and Latin America.


Publication date
06 August 2019
Erik Mobrand, Fernando Casal Bértoa and Yukihiko Hamada
Number of pages
978-91-7671-253-5 (PDF)
978-91-7671-252-8 (Print)


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Key recommendations
Executive summary

1. Introduction

2. Political finance challenges in the region

3. Main trends and emerging issues

4. Lessons learned on the effectiveness of regulation

5. Areas for improvement

6. Recommendations

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Annex: Party funding regulation in 20 Asian states

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The Integrity of Political Finance Systems in Asia: Tackling Political Corruption

International IDEA Policy Paper No. 19
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