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Is there a ban on donations from foreign interests to political parties? 

Is there a ban on corporate donation to political parties? 

Money is a necessary component of any democracy: it enables political participation and representation. However, if not effectively regulated, it can undermine the integrity of political processes and institutions and jeopardize the quality of democracy. Regulations related to the funding of political parties and election campaigns (commonly known as political finance) and lobbying are critical to promote integrity, transparency and accountability in any democracy. 

For the last 20 years, International IDEA has been contributing to the discussion about Money in Politics by analyzing trends, producing comparative data and research, providing technical assistance to oversight agencies and political parties, and convening policy platforms for peer-to-peer learning among the leading practitioners. 

Our work aims to improve the level of transparency and accountability in political processes and institutions worldwide. To this end, International IDEA actively engages in high level global policy fora in relation to SDG 16, anti-corruption, and other governance related issues, and advocating for the importance of political finance regulations. International IDEA also aims to serve as the go-to partner for regional and national actors in advancing evidence-based policy debate and reforms on money in politics.

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