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Money in Politics

Political Finance and Digitalization

Source: Canva

Over the last decade, digitalization has transformed many aspects of politics including political campaigning. While it has created several opportunities, it has also tested the limits of almost all aspects of regulatory framework. 

Online campaigning helps political parties and candidates reach out to more voters with comparatively lower costs and allows them to use more targeted messages when compared with traditional campaign tools. However, it also brings several challenges, including difficulties associated with tracing the source and destination of online expenditures, the speed of digital innovations outdating legislation, lack of capacity within oversight agencies and regulatory bodies, and weak inter-agency coordination.

While there is a general understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with digital aspects of political finance, there needs to be more detailed and comparative information on how countries are adapting to and coping with these practices. 

By creating global forums and producing analytical reports and case studies, we enable members of political finance oversight agencies, political party officials and legislators and civil society to learn about good practices and lessons learned from various countries that can help them devise and implement political reforms in their own countries to protect the integrity of political processes and institutions against existing and emerging digital risks.


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