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Drafting Global Methodology to Analyse Enablers and Incentives of Election Related FIMI - Tender Reference No:2024-04-055

Published 20/05/2024
Deadline for clarifications 31/05/2024
Deadline for submissions 09/06/2024
Legal Panel

Communication Consultant- Tender Reference No: 2024-04-054

Published 16/05/2024
Deadline for clarifications 05/06/2024
Deadline for submissions 14/06/2024
Legal Panel

Local transportation services for Nigeria- Tender Reference No: 2024-03-052

Published 08/05/2024
Deadline for clarifications 10/06/2024
Deadline for submissions 17/06/2024
Legal Panel

Provision of Catering services to International IDEA offices across Nigeria- Tender Reference No: 2024-03-051

Published 08/05/2024
Deadline for clarifications 10/06/2024
Deadline for submissions 17/06/2024
Legal Panel

Procurement and partnership contracts funded by the European Commission

International IDEA accomplishes democracy-building activities all over the world with the support of European Union (EU) funding through restricted grants.

The Pillar Assessed Grant or Delegation Agreement (PAGoDA) is a grant funding mechanism from the European Union (EU). Organizations or entities who are assessed by the EU to comply with the required standard in terms of their internal accounting controls, procedures and systems can work under the indirect management mode with the EU.

In autumn 2015, International IDEA engaged an external auditor to carry out an EU pillar assessment and the assessment report was submitted to the EU in 2016.

In January 2017, International IDEA received formal notification that it had passed the standards required for all pillars assessed. International IDEA can now implement projects funded by the EU under PAGoDA /Indirect Management grant agreements.

View all procurement contracts under EU restricted grants valued at €15,000 and above.

EU flags at the European Commission Berlaymont building by Guillaume Périgois
Procurement policy

In procuring goods and services, we uphold the key principles of open competition, transparency, equitable and unbiased selection, efficiency, and value for money.

Sample contracts

The contracts and agreements we use vary, based on the nature of the work. View sample contracts to better understand how our work with individuals and businesses supports strengthening democracy around the world.

Procurement award reports

Find award contracts signed from 2016 and awarded using this procurement modality. As of 2020, all reports are shared on a quarterly basis. Earlier contracts are available as monthly reports.

Frequently asked questions

How are requests for clarifications or information on a specific tender handled?

Responses to requests for clarification or information are sent to the requestor(s) and also published in the tender announcement section on the website.

Where does International IDEA advertise Tender Notices?

International IDEA always publishes Tender Notices on its website. Depending on the nature of the procurement it may also advertise in the following forums:  Devex, Devnet and Eurobrussels websites; local press; and any other relevant trade websites or press medium.

Where can I find information on open tenders?

Detailed information on a particular tender may be found in the solicitation documents published in relation to the tender e.g. the Request for Proposals (RfP) and Terms of Reference (ToR). A request for clarification and information may also be sent to the email address indicated in the RfP document.

How can I submit proposals to International IDEA?

Proposals should be submitted in accordance with the procedure outlined in the RfP and Tender Notice. Proposals which are not in compliance with the submission procedures will be eliminated. International IDEA for the most part only accepts electronic submissions to the following email address:

Does International IDEA acknowledge receipt of proposals?

The tender submission email address is set up with auto-response to acknowledge emails received.  In the event that you do not receive an autoreply, please send a text message (NO CALLS, CALLS WILL NOT BE ANSWERED) to this number +46725375735. In your text message, please provide the following information, namely: the tender reference no. and title; the email address you used for submission; and the date and time you sent your submission (e.g. 01 December 2021, 12:30 CET).

How long does the tender process normally take?

In general International IDEA aims to complete the tender process between 12-16 weeks. However in some cases the process may take longer due to unforeseen circumstances or when the tender process spans a holiday period.

How does International IDEA notify bidders of the result of a tender?

International IDEA notifies all bidders (successful and unsuccessful) by letter sent electronically.

Are Tender Awards published?

Yes. International IDEA publishes the detail of contracts awarded through a tender process on its website. This is normally done on a quarterly basis.

Does a successful bidder have to use the International IDEA contract template?

In general, International IDEA requires a successful bidder to use the appropriate contract template of International IDEA. However in some circumstances the contract template of the supplier/service provider may be used where it is more appropriate. In all cases the general conditions of this contract cannot be less onerous than those of International IDEA.

Does International IDEA operate a supplier/service provider pre-qualification system or have a system whereby a supplier/service provider can register to become a vendor with International IDEA?

Currently International does not operate such a system. Vendors are either selected through a competitive or direct-sourced process depending on cost thresholds.

Is there a limit on the number of tenders which a supplier/service provider may apply for in any one period?

Currently there is no limit. Each submission is evaluated separately in accordance with the evaluation criteria outlined in the RfP.

Does a bidder have to be based in Sweden to submit a tender to International IDEA?

No. Unless it is specifically stated in the RfP , International IDEA accepts bids from suppliers and service providers all over the world.

What are the main email addresses which International IDEA uses in relation to tenders?

International IDEA uses the following three email addresses:

a) this address for general communication related to procurement and tender questions; and for clarification and information questions related to a specific tender. Note it should not be used to submit a Tender proposal.

b) this address for the submission of tender proposals (Technical and Financial).

c) this address to lodge a complaint in relation to a specific tender. If you wish to blow the whistle anonymously, you may do so via our whistleblowing platform. 

How can a bidder make a complaint?

Complaints should be made in accordance with the procedure outlined in the RfP. The address for complaints is:

If you wish to blow the whistle anonymously, you may do so via our whistleblowing platform. 

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