Integrity and Trust in Albanian Elections: Fostering Political Finance Transparency and the Safe Use of Information and Communication Technologies

EMBs Regional Roundtable Cybersecurity Elections-Albania, June 2023.

In cooperation with Rule of Law Centre of Finland, our Regional Europe Programme, within its Western Balkans portfolio and a country presence in Albania, is working with Central Election Commission (CEC) and civil society organizations (CSOs) in three crucial areas:

  • Money in Politics with focus on Digitalization of Political Finance Reporting and Disclosure Systems
  • Cybersecurity in Digitalization of Elections through Fostering Interagency Cooperation 
  • Transparency of Online Campaigning

We provide expertise through experts’ roundtables, peer-to-peer dialogues and capacity-building activities. We address the needs, introduce best practices from other countries, and provide recommendations for present interventions and future reforms through our knowledge products. 

“Models of Digital Reporting and Disclosure of Political Finance: Latest Trends and Best Practices to Support Albania ” published in English and in Albanian informs the work of CEC and partners and serve as a reference for future upgrades in the Albanian legislation.

Two upcoming publications include a Policy Paper on Crosscutting Dimensions of ICTs in Elections and another on Online Campaign in Albania. 

Project achievements in these areas are setting the ground for an inclusive and transparent discussion on electoral reform in the view of Albania’s 2025 parliamentary elections on policies and legislative changes contributing to instill trust and increase transparency in the Albanian Elections.  


Key contacts

Blerta Hoxha
Programme Manager, Western Balkans
Elvana Kurti
Project Coordinator, Albania
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