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Globally, electoral institutions are operating in a rapidly changing environment and under increasing scrutiny. The evolving digital landscape, extreme weather events and political interference present significant challenges which threaten the credibility of elections.

To promote trust in electoral processes and outcomes, it is essential to build the independence, capacity and resilience of election institutions. The multi-pronged nature of threats to elections also required the broadening of alliances and coordination with the wider democratic community.

International IDEA’s Electoral Processes workstream supports the protection and strengthening of elections. Key areas of focus:

  • the quality of legal and institutional frameworks relating to elections; 
  • the capacity of electoral institutions to implement their mandates; 
  • the inclusivity of electoral processes;
  • the ability of civil society, democracy defenders, and the media to ensure the accountability of electoral institutions and the integrity of electoral processes; and
  • the tools and practices of electoral assistance.

In 2023, International IDEA (as a steering committee member) joined USAID and electoral assistance organizations around the world, in launching the Global Network for Securing Electoral Integrity, which convenes election stakeholders around a shared vision: to inspire and inform action to advance electoral integrity in the face of critical threats to democracy. GNSEI brings together electoral assistance actors to develop, advance, and promote adherence to norms, guiding principles, and codes of conduct that address emerging and long-term threats to electoral integrity.

Through a range of publications, training resources, and assessment tools, as well as workshops and wider advocacy, International IDEA articulates good electoral practices and distills regulatory and policy options.

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Therese Pearce Laanela, Head of Electoral Processes
Therese Pearce Laanela
Head of Electoral Processes

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