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Electoral Risk Management Tool

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The Electoral Risk Management Tool (ERMTool) is designed to empower people to ensure peaceful and credible elections. Intended users are electoral management bodies, security sector agencies, civil society and other state and non-state actors. The ERMTool aims to build the user's capacity to understand, analyze, and mitigate electoral risks.

The ERMTool can build users' capacity to understand electoral risk factors, collect and analyze risk data, design prevention and mitigation strategies, and record the results of actions. The tool consists of three integrated parts.

A knowledge library describes in detail 36 electoral risk factors, both internal and external to electoral processes. An analytical instruments section allows users to create analytical models specific to a country or election, upload data to generate risk maps and trend charts, and create a register of risks and actions. The prevention module consists of a digital library with approximately 100 action points intended to inspire user in designing strategies to prevent and mitigate electoral risks, including election-related violence, at the different phases of the electoral cycle.

What is the ERM tool?

To obtain a copy of the ERMTool's software, you need to register prior interest with International IDEA. A genuine and non-for-profit organization will be granted a download key upon the submission of request.

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Download the ERM tool

Open access to Electoral Risk Management Tool (ERM Tool) source codes (Read more)

Version 7 of the ERMTool is available with:

  • New mapping engine (Think Geo)
  • NET framework (version 4.5)
  • Improved Win 8/10 compatibility
  • In addition to English, menus are now available in: Arabic, French, Nepali, Myanmar, Russian, Spanish and Thai languages
  • Better user experience and
  • Improved mapping - speed and map import/handling
  • Regional and world level models can be created
  • Cumulative factors accept decimal numbers
  • The app is compatible with all special characters.
  • Improved KML export functionalities that allows choosing a folder/name
  • 'Add Factor' and 'Modify factor' options are simplified
  • Mapping and Charting menus can be collapsed
  • Static markers' titles can be displayed in white or black colors
  • Improved path and POI handling
  • Regions can be selected in the Master RAR
  • Streamlined user interface

Support documents

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Electoral Risk Management Tool: Overview
Electoral Risk Management Tool: Internal Factors Guide
Electoral Risk Management Tool: External Factors Guide
The Prevention and Mitigation of Election-related Violence: An Action Guide


Will the tool be useful for my organization?

The tool is highly customizable to different social and organization al contexts. It may be used in electoral management, electoral observation, early warning, conflict monitoring and prevention, or peacebuilding work.

What does it cost?

The tool is available free to organizations committed to promoting credible electoral processes and peace.

How can I access it?

To obtain your copy of the tool software, you need to register yo ur interest with International IDEA. Your organization will then be sent details about how to download the material.

Is it hard to use?

A general user of the MS Office will have a sufficient computer literacy to start using the tool. A user manual and other support documents integrated into the tool will assi st users to explore full functionality of the tool.

Will International IDEA offer user training?

In general this should not be necessary, but we welcome requests for further assistance.


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ERMTool User Experiences

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