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State of Democracy Assessments

Our State of Democracy assessment methodology helps citizens assess the quality of their democracy and define priority areas for policy and democratic reform.

The assessment frameworks enable citizens to periodically monitor the health of their democracy and can contribute to strengthening national and local governments' responsiveness.

This two minute introductory video describes International IDEA's State of Democracy Assessment Framework and how it empowers citizens to assess their own democracy.


State of Democracy

The State of Democracy assessment Framework helps citizens assess the quality of democracy at the national level.

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State of Local Democracy

The State of Local Democracy assessment places citizens at the forefront of the democratic assessment process at the local level.

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Democratic Accountability in Service Delivery

The Democratic Accountability in Service Delivery Assessment Framework helps citizens assess the degree to which public service delivery is subject to democratic accountability checks.

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Assessments Worldwide

Citizen-led assessments have been conducted in over 35 countries, and are being envisaged for several others.

If you have carried out an assessment in your country using one of International IDEA's frameworks, or if you are interested in doing so, please contact us by email.

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