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The State of Local Democracy Assessment Framework is made up of three thematic pillars, each of which includes a set of questions that help to assess the quality of democracy at the local level. It also includes a separate series of questions to analyze the local context.

This page lets you dynamically navigate the thematic pillars and questions of International IDEA's State of Local Democracy assessment framework. Click on the three pillars below to start exploring and create your own questionnaire.

For more information on these different aspects, please download the full guide

PDF - Download The State of Local Democracy Framework (12.5MB)

State of Local Democracy Questionnaire

Local Context Analysis: Guiding Questions

I Historical, geographical, socio-economic and democratic data
II Local government influence
III Human safety and security


1 Citizenship, Equal Rights & Justice
2 Representative And Accountable Institutions & Processes
3 Citizen Initiative And Participation

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