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Pillars and Search Questions

The combination of core principles and mediating values generates a list of questions to be answered during the State of Democracy assessment.

The State of Democracy assessment framework is divided into four thematic pillars, each consisting of two to six sub-themes and several questions that contribute to the guiding questionnaire.

The questionnaire should be seen as a starting point or sample that can be tailored to each country's requirements in order to develop an assessment that is both country specific and country relevant.

The answers to these questions measure and assess the relative degree to which the values and principles of democracy have been realized in a particular country, and the degree to which institutions have contributed to this process.

This page lets you dynamically navigate the content of International IDEA's State of Democracy assessment framework, specifically its questionnaire.

For more information on these different aspects, please download the full guide:

PDF - Download The State of Local Democracy Framework (12.5MB)

State of Democracy Questionnaire

Click on the four pillars to start exploring the State of Democracy Assessment Framework and create your own questionnaire.

1 Citizenship, Law and Rights
2 Representative and Accountable Government
3 Civil society and popular participation
4 Democracy beyond the state

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