This Overview presents International IDEA’s State of Democracy (SoD) Assessment Framework.

It is a comprehensive framework and it uses an approach where assessments are led and owned by local actors. It moves away from the practice of ranking democratic performance and making external judgements. It combines a commitment to the principles of democracy, mediating values, and search questions that look beyond the formal existence of democratic institutions, and focuses, more importantly, on their performance.

The Overview links assessment to reform and in doing so, highlights achievements and challenges as well as lessons learnt from previous assessment experiences.


Publication date
15 August 2016
Number of pages
978-91-7671-058-6 (Print)


Setting the scene

Assessing democracy

Experiences of applying the framework

The steps involved in carrying out an assessment

Democracy assessment outputs

Assessing for reform



Appendix. The search questions

Annex. About International IDEA

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Assessing the Quality of Democracy: An Overview of the International IDEA Framework (Myanmar)

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