Adhy Aman

Senior Programme Manager
Law, legal framework review, electoral systems, electoral justice, electoral reform, political party development and citizen’s participation


Adhy Aman is a Senior Programme Manager of International IDEA’s Asia and the Pacific Regional Programme and Country Programme Manager for Fiji and Mongolia.

Adhy has held a number of positions previously since joining International IDEA in November 2007. He is responsible for regional and country-level projects surrounding electoral processes as well as political participation and representation processes, including, until March 2017, management of International IDEA’s engagements in Bhutan. He manages various technical assistance, research and capacity development activities in a number of countries in Asia and the Pacific. Since 2018, he is also responsible for manageing International IDEA's activities and interests in Fiji and Mongolia.

While he has worked on a variety of issues in the field of electoral reform, democratic institution development and democracy education, Adhy specializes in legal framework review and electoral systems as well as electoral justice. For supporting the performance of his responsibilities, he has achieved full accreditation as facilitator for BRIDGE workshops (

Bechelor of Laws (Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia) and Mster of Laws (Georgetown University Law Center, Washington DC,USA)
Bahasa Indonesia
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