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Sead Alihodzic

Principal Adviser Elections, Conflict and Risk Management

Sead Alihodzic is the Principal Adviser Elections, Conflict and Risk Management in the Electoral Processes Programme. Alihodzic works on a broad portfolio of election-related topics, including electoral risk management, electoral conflict and violence prevention, the conduct of elections in transitional contexts and currently manages the Protecting Elections Project.

In over a decade with International IDEA, Alihodzic led the design and development of International IDEA’s Electoral Risk Management Tool, managed several technical assistance projects implemented in partnerships with electoral management bodies, and acted as lead author of International IDEA guides and policy papers. In addition, he contributed articles on electoral violence, early warning, and democracy promotion topics to external journals and publications.

Prior to joining International IDEA in 2008, Alihodzic gained extensive experience in dealing with elections, post-conflict democratization, and security issues through 11 years with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina where he performed as Programme Officer and Head of Field Office.

Recently authored International IDEA knowledge products include:

Protecting Elections Risk Management, Resilience-Building and Crisis Management in Elections

International IDEA Policy Paper No. 18: Timing and Sequencing of Transitional Election

Case studies:  Appendix to International IDEA’s Policy Paper No. 18 - Timing and Sequencing of Transitional Elections

International IDEA Policy Paper No. 14: Risk Management In Elections

Electoral Risk Management Tool: Internal Factors Guide

Electoral Risk Management Tool: External Factors Guide

The Prevention and Mitigation of Election-Related Violence

Electoral processes, elections and conflict, risk management, resilience-building and crisis management in elections, and transitional elections.
MA in European Integrations, University of Essex, UK; BA in Political Science, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, English
Stockholm, Sweden
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