Sam van der Staak

Head of Programme, Regional Europe
Europe, impact of the coronavirus pandemic within European Union


Sam van der Staak's work focuses on responding to democratic developments in Europe, with a special emphasis on the topics of political parties, money in politics, and ICT in democracy. Van der Staak manages International IDEA's Regional Europe Programme, which includes representation to the European Union.

van der Staak’s work also focuses on negotiating and managing financial resources with donor agencies. He is International IDEA’s point of contact with the European Union in Brussels. Sam has been involved in International IDEA publications on citizen movements, money in politics, and political party dialogue. He makes regular media contributions for national and international media. Prior to his involvement in democracy assistance, van der Staak worked in the Netherlands' House of Representatives. 

Engage with Sam van der Staak on Twitter at @samvanderstaak.

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MA in International Relations (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa), and MA in Dutch Language and Literature (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
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Brussels, Belgium