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Exploring Democracy’s Resilience
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18 June 2018

In 2017 International IDEA launched its new biennial publication, The Global State of Democracy. The first edition, focusing on democracy’s resilience, was promoted in cities around the world via a series of launches and ‘IDEAthons’: engaging, collaborative events that combined formal presentations on a topic with interactive innovation labs.

Participants in the IDEAthons—including experts, civil society actors, young influencers, policymakers, students, public officials and researchers—were encouraged to harness their collective knowledge to brainstorm concrete solutions to existing democracy challenges, by adapting the recommendations from The Global State of Democracy to their local context.

This report summarizes the main findings from each of the IDEAthons. The solutions put forward by the participants were targeted at relevant local actors, including governments, political parties, civil society organizations, the private sector and regional organizations.



Theme 1. Democratic backsliding

Theme 2. Representation

Theme 3. Corruption

Theme 4. Economic inequality

Theme 5. Migration

Theme 6. Inclusive peacebuilding

The Global State of Democracy

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