The influence of money in politics is a significant threat to democracy, affecting established and emerging democracies alike.

Inadequately controlled flows of money undermine the credibility of elections and the integrity of democratic institutions and processes around the world. Well-designed political finance regulations that are enforceable and anchored in their country’s context play a vital role in ensuring that money is a positive force in politics.

In 2014 International IDEA published the second edition of Funding of Political Parties and Election Campaigns: A Handbook on Political Finance. This Discussion Paper provides further updates on the latest trends in political finance regulation in Western Europe in order to advance the debate on money in politics, and to move from recognition of the problem towards a solution-based discussion.


Publication date
18 July 2016
Daniela R. Piccio
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1. Introduction

2. Changes to the landscape since 2012

3. Conclusions and recommendations


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The state of political finance regulations in Western Europe

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