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Interparty Ethical Pact agreed upon by young people is signed by parties in Costa Rica

Signatories of the Sitio Mata 2023-2024 Interparty Ethical Pact.

The Sitio Mata Interparty Ethical Pact for the 2024 municipal elections, prepared by 59 young people, was signed by 42 national and local political parties in Costa Rica in a ceremony held on November 18.

This Pact, promoted by Costa Rica Integra (CRI), resulted from a dialogue process between young people from different parties and locations. Convened in Sitio Mata, they drafted 25 commitments, all agreed by consensus. International IDEA supported the initiative, participating in the launch event.

Highlighted the following agreements: the commitment to respect the electoral authorities and their decisions; seeking a campaign free of personal and partisan attacks, prioritizing the proposals; publishing candidates' resumes on social networks; preventing the promotion and spread of disinformation and fake news; guaranteeing non-discrimination based on any condition or characteristic; reject discriminatory and hate speech; regarding the legal system, particularly regarding the fight against corruption; ensure political financing only from legal sources; guarantee the full participation of women and real equality; among others.

For the work meeting in the Sitio Mata community, they had the support of Sitio Mata Moms, who gave them accommodation and constant encouragement.
The signing and launching ceremony of the Interparty Ethical Pact took place on November 18 at the University of Costa Rica. Representatives of 42 national and cantonal parties participated.

The Ethical Pact of Sitio Mata 2024 can be consulted at the following link:


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Programme Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean
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