In recent years, and under the influence of new telecommunications and social media, citizen movements have emerged as an alternative to political party membership for citizen participation in democratic decision-making processes.

Diverse groups of citizens, often including high numbers of youth, have made an increasing impact on democratic processes in Asia and Europe. By using social media to organize and stage their protests, they manage to circumvent political parties and civil society organizations (CSOs) as the traditional entry points for political participation and representation.

A joint project of the Asia–Europe Foundation, the Hanns Seidel Foundation and International IDEA, this publication looks closely at initiatives and activities undertaken by political parties in Asia and Europe to relate to CSOs and citizen movements.

Political parties in the two regions operate in different domestic political contexts and different socio-economic conditions. Different approaches and a myriad of experiences are analysed in this book, including complete non-alignment between citizen movements and parties, as in the case of Spain; formalized political party–CSO engagement in Sweden and Norway; a watchful approach from the incumbent government toward protest movements in Vietnam; and CSOs turned political parties in India and the Philippines.

This book offers valuable lessons to any political party wishing to rebuild public confidence in a world of rapidly emerging citizen protests.


Publication date
01 November 2014
Raul Cordenillo, Sam van der Staak (co-editors)
Number of pages
The Asia-Europe Foundation, Hanns Seidel Foundation
978-91-87729-71-3 (Print)





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Raul Cordenillo and Sam van der Staak 

1. Contested Infrastructures: Citizen Protest and the Response of Political Parties in Germany
Roland Sturm and Thorsten Winkelmann

2. From India Against Corruption to the Aam Aadmi Party: Social Movements, Political Parties and Citizen Engagement in India
Prashant Sharma

3. Outbursts of Activity by Polish Civil Society: Any Lessons for the Governing Political Parties?
Baiba Witajewska-Baltvilka

4. Reforming the Political Party System in the Philippines: The Akbayan Citizens’ Action Party
Sabrina Gacad

5. Political Parties and Citizens: The Centro Democrático Liberal in Spain
Sean O’Curneen Cañas

6. Women’s CSOs and Political Parties in Romania: Lessons from the 2012 Civic Protests
Ov Cristian Norocel

7. Political Parties, Civil Society and Citizen Movements in Viet Nam
Hai Hong Nguyen

8. Social Democratic Parties and Trade Union Confederations in Norway and Sweden: Lessons Learned
Sofia Karlsson and Kristin Jenses

9. Political Parties and the Citizen: The Current State of Affairs, Where Next and Recommendations
Sam van der Staak and Raul Cordenillo


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Political Parties and Citizen Movements in Asia and Europe

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