Let’s talk about constitutions! is designed to present difficult constitutional concepts to non-specialist and young audiences in an entertaining and informative way. It has been developed to promote young people’s understanding of constitutional issues and thereby empower and inspire youth to play a full and meaningful part in their own constitution-building process.

With dynamic images, relatable characters and simple language, Let’s talk about constitutions! illustrates key concepts to answer the questions: what is a constitution and why is it important?

The cartoon is an educational tool that can be enjoyed by youth and adults alike, whether integrated into youth centre curricula or non-governmental organizations civic education campaigns. The booklet is designed primarily for Myanmar and the characters and scripts are tailored to this context. The information shared in the cartoon, however, is relevant for people interested in learning and teaching about constitutions all around the world.


Publication date
31 August 2021
Number of pages
978-91-7671-455-3 (PDF)
978-91-7671-454-6 (Print)



Let’s talk about constitutions!

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Let’s Talk About Constitutions!

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