As artificial intelligence (AI), including its potential role in influencing elections, has become an increasingly important topic, electoral management bodies have to develop plans to respond to and, in some cases, use AI to maintain free, fair and secure elections. AI is a rapidly evolving category of technologies that are largely unregulated, and very little research has been conducted so far concerning its potential impact on elections. 

This Report is aimed at supporting electoral management bodies and other relevant parties in developing a broad understanding of the opportunities, challenges and legal implications of the use of AI for elections.


Publication date
29 April 2024
Prathm Juneja
Number of pages
978-91-7671-764-6 (PDF)

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Executive summary


1. Setting the scene: AI and elections 

2. Opportunities and challenges of AI use for electoral management

3. Other political actors’ use of AI and implications for EMBs

4. AI regulatory frameworks and implications for elections

5. Conclusion


Annex A. Key terms

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Artificial Intelligence for Electoral Management

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